Coating provides substantial on the job training and multiple learning approaches, like pre-employment training, annual education training, professional training certificates ... etc.  In addition, we pay more attention to the development of each employee's competency.  We divide specifically the competency into three categories, namely:  for all colleagues --“Core Competency”, for specific employee--“Functional Competency” and for directors --“Managerial Competency” .  By competency development, each employee can enhance the self multi-faceted ability. 


CPMC designs the blueprint of career planning as following, the aim of which is to help employees think about and plan their careers.


Employees today have to adapt to technological change, improve product and service quality, and boost productivity to stay competitive, therefore CPMC encourages employees to attend work-related certificates by training courses.


Color you life by training resources of CPMC at anytime and anywhere.



Coating launched the mentor program in 2010, and every newcomer has a mentor who is a senior employee or supervisor and assigned by the company.  The mentors have very important roles, because they can help newcomers quickly adapt to the work environment, understand co-workers,  solve their problems in work and life, share past work experiences and provide support.  Sometimes mentors are also good consultants, because their sharing and caring for newcomers.  By  this program,  the veterans or competent employee will have good assistants , and we can create the best team.


If newcomers have any question during learning process or the mentors don’t take on supervisory responsibilities, we offer newcomers comprehensive feedback mechanisms and communication chances.  By feedback questionnaires, they can reflect newcomers own learning state, and  they may also conduct interviews with mentors if necessary. Human resources department will intervene when finding abnormal conditions and become the bridge of mentors and newcomers.  Therefore, the feedback system can not only make new employees express the current adaptation and learning state , but also reduce turnover rates and increase the retention rate.


By the “Intern System”, newcomer or employees can learn different professional  knowledge and skills in different departments.  In order to facilitate the employees’ implementation when they go back to the original unit, we provide “Intern System” for employees to have more meta-learning.


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